Belmont Public Schools Superintendent Search

The Belmont School Committee put out a request for quotes for a collaborative executive search firm to work with the School Committee and the community in recruiting a new Superintendent of Schools to be selected by the end of March, 2023. The Bryan Group was selected by the School Committee.

The Bryan Group (TBG) is well suited to conduct this search, given its competency and behavioral science-based senior leader hiring and development skills and experience across all major sectors, including education and business. TBG’s mission is to enhance the capabilities of education leaders at every level, with the ultimate goal being significantly improved student performance evidenced by readiness for further education, civic contributions, work, and life in general.

Superintendent Finalists

Ahead of district visits on March 16th and 17th, we invite you to get to know the three finalist candidates. In addition to reviewing each candidate packet, please review the TBG Belmont Evaluation & Fit Considerations document. This document is intended to help you evaluate each candidate prior to completing the Community Evaluation Survey. The survey should be completed once, only after you have gathered all of the information you plan to. The survey will be available beginning on March 16th until Tuesdayy, March 21st at 5:00 PM.

Belmont Superintendent Candidate Evaluation Survey

Please visit the School Committee Schedule page for details about how to attend or access the School Committee Candidate Interviews and Public Community Forums.

Each candidate packet contains a Candidate Summary, Letter of Interest, Philosophy Statements, and Resume.

Recordings of the School Committee Superintendent Finalist Interviews and Public Forums are available for viewing on the following page:

Recordings also viewable via the Belmont Media Center YouTube Channel:

Community Input into the Search

There will be a number of opportunities for members of the Belmont school community and community at large to participate in this process and we welcome your input!

This web page will be kept updated with the latest information on the search, including ways for members of our community to participate in activities such as:

  • focus groups
  • a community-wide survey

Superintendent Screening Committee

The School Committee will appoint members of the Superintendent Screening Committee (SSC) to represent as many stakeholder groups as possible. The SSC will be working in partnership with The Bryan Group to do the work of the search, such as data collection and analysis, creation of search criteria, screening of applications, interviews, and planning the meet & greet activities for the finalists. The reason for appointing these members, as opposed to seeking volunteers, is to get the process started as soon as possible since the timeline for the search is short.

Screening Committee Members

● Ade Baptista - Parent
● Amy Checkoway - School Committee
● Thomas Estrada-Donahue - Student, BHS
● Nomita Ganguly - Parent, FBE
● Michael Gao - Parent, BCAA
● Mark Guzelian - Student, BHS
● Kim Haley-Jackson - Parent, Human Rights Commission
● Jeff Liberty - School Committee
● Geoff Lubien - Warrant Committee
● Russell Mann - Parent
● Mike McAllister - Director Human Capital
● Meg Moriarty - School Committee
● Heidi Paisner-Roffman - Principal, Wellington
● William Pennington - Teacher, WinnBrook
● Heather Rubeski - Parent
● Ramneek Saxena - Teacher, BHS
● John Sullivan - Belmont Education Association, President
● Artemis Tingos - Office of the Superintendent
● Chon’tel Washington - DEI Director
● Rachel Watson - Parent, SEPAC
● Gi Yoon-Huang - Parent
● Roy Epstein, Select Board Member