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Good News, Good Words, & Good Cheer!

Good News, Good Words, & Good Cheer!

Good News, Good Words, & Good Cheer!

Good News!

The FBE is thrilled to announce two new Rapid Response Grants have been awarded to the Belmont Public Schools totaling $1,775. One RRG is for Wellington Elementary, for flexible seating to assist with COVID learning. The other is for Winn Brook Elementary, for wireless keyboards for teachers enabling more flexibility to move around the classroom when teaching remote and live learners at the same time.

Good Words!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO SUBMIT YOUR WORDS! For the BPS Staff & Teacher Appreciation 2021 we will create a ‘secret surprise’, using YOUR words and/or phrases that describe your appreciation to the BPS staff and teachers this year. Either thinking of all the staff or just a particular individual, please try come up with appropriate word(s) that could complete the sentence “Thank you for your…”. Please add your word(s) or phrase(s) to this google form, and submit to us by March 30 to be included in the ‘secret surprise’.

Queries? Please get in touch with us at ota@fbe-belmont.org.

Good Cheer!

The FBE has partnered with Jayne’s Flowers to spread a little sunshine throughout Belmont. For the month of April, you can order a beautiful bouquet of daffodils, and FBE volunteers will hand-deliver them anywhere in Belmont on a Wednesday. What a great chance to spread some cheer and let a special person, family, school, or business know that you are thinking of them. Not only will you  brighten up someone’s day, you will be supporting FBE grants, programs, and services in the process. ORDER HERE - please indicate recipients’ names and addresses on your order, and FBE Volunteers will deliver your daffodils from Jayne’s, with a card attached to the flowers. Daffodils are $12 per bunch or $50 for five bunches (can be sent to multiple addresses).

Queries? Please get in touch with us at fundraising@fbe-belmont.org or visit our website at fbe-belmont.org/event/daffodils/ for more information.

Thank you for supporting the Foundation for Belmont Education. The FBE works with residents and businesses in the Town of Belmont, Massachusetts to raise private funds that are used to enrich the education provided by the Belmont Public Schools. Please visit our website to learn more about our impact, and how YOU can become involved! www.fbe-belmont.org/impact