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Traffic and Pedestrian Safety at Pick up and Drop off Times

Belmont PD

Dear Parents,

With the beginning of in person school, I hope you will all consider not driving your children to school. Last week, we received numerous complaints from all six schools in town regarding traffic and pedestrian safety at pick up and drop off times.

I know, and can certainly appreciate, that many of you have no other option but to drive your child to school.  If you must drive and drop your child off at school, please be aware of and obey all parking restrictions, traffic laws, and School Crossing Guards. Every week during the school year, we receive complaints that pertain to motor vehicle traffic around our schools.  The vast majority of violators we identify are parents.  The parking lots of the Belmont Public Schools and the roads around them are not conducive to the amount of motor vehicle traffic that occurs around start time and the end of the school day.

Please consider having your child take the bus or walk with your child to school.  Drivers may also have the option of parking a block away and then making a short walk to the school.  This would help relieve traffic congestion around the schools.  Parents who must drive their children should exercise patience and consideration to pedestrians and other motorists while driving on Belmont roads.


James MacIsaac
Police Chief