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BPS Employment Opportunities

Dear BPS Community,

I write to you inform you about several employment openings that are currently available in the Belmont Public Schools.

Despite our hopes for a “normal return” to school, 2021-2022 is not turning out to be a typical school year when it comes to filling open positions.  Similar to many school districts across the country Belmont is finding that temporary, part-time, and paraprofessional positions are more often going unfilled.  This prevents us from being able to fully support our teachers and learners as we would like.  We continue to seek new platforms to advertise our positions on, and we have increased our networking.  Today, we are including you in those efforts.

Currently, we have the following employment openings we are seeking to fill immediately:

  • Fiscal Coordinator: Job 1857
  • Athletic Trainer, Belmont High School: Job 1864
  • Cafeteria Worker, Chenery Middle School: Job 1724
  • Cafeteria Worker, Wellington Elementary School: Job 1725
  • Food Service Worker (2 positions), Belmont High School: Job 1850
  • Custodians (2 positions), Belmont High School: Job 1862
  • COVID-19 Test Program Manager, District-wide: Job 1837
  • Nurse, District-wide: Job 1806
  • School Nurse Substitute, District-wide: Job 1510
  • Daily Substitute, All Schools: Job 584
  • Building-based Substitute, Belmont High School: Job 1841
  • METCO Bus Monitor, Burbank Elementary School: Job 1865

In addition to those more high priority positions, there are additional openings that can be found on Applitrack.

If you are interested in being considered for any of our opening positions, please let us know.  Alternatively, if you know of any potential candidates who might be a good fit, please send me their names.

Thank you, in advance, for your interest and/or help.


Michael E. McAllister  

Michael E. McAllister (he/him/his)
Director of Human Capital
Belmont Public Schools