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Register for the FBE Apple Run 2022!

Register for the FBE Apple Run 2022!


Sunday, October 2, 2022 9:30 AM: Apple Run 5K 10:45 AM: Apple Run 2K

Now in its tenth year the FBE Apple Run has brought thousands of runners to the streets of Belmont to support public education and innovation in the Belmont Public Schools. Since our inaugural event in 2013, the Apple Run has raised more than $200,000 for the Foundation for Belmont Education! Please visit our website to see how these funds have been put to great work in the Belmont Public Schools.

10 Runners RUN FOR FREE!

To celebrate 10 years, we’re giving away 10 free runs! Find our winners on Facebook and Instagram - they will be posted as they win! Winner #2 to be drawn from our pool of registrants later this week. If you haven’t already, register today for your chance of getting your registration fee back! Or you can gift it to someone else!

As in past years, the first 400 registered runners in the 2022 run will receive a hi-tec short sleeve ‘quik-dri’ running shirt. Adult and youth sizes are offered.

Our Couch to 5K Program is available online only this year - please visit our Run page to access the training articles. C25K week #2 starts Sunday, August 14.

Compete in our team competition this year! Just enter your team name when you register on RaceWire. Visit our run page to discover the team awards.


Go Register, Go Run, Go Belmont!

FBE Apple Run Sponsors 2022

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Questions? administrator@fbe-belmont.org

You can also find more information about the FBE, and the FBE Apple Run 2022 at our website.