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Find a Student ID Number

Log into PlusPortal and select “More...” Then  select "School", then“Demographics”. Your child’s ID number will be listed as Student ID

If you need assistance send an email to feeforms@belmont.k12.ma.us. Be certain to include your student’s full name and school.

Make a Payment

To make a payment, please click Pay Online button.

If do not already have an account, you will be asked to create one. You will need your child's student ID number. That information will be e-mailed home in late June. 

Fees may be paid electronically by either ACH transfer (from your checking account), or by credit card. Although student participation fees are refundable, the processing fees charged by MCC (approx. 3% for credit cards or 25 cents for electronic check) are not refundable.

Detailed instructions can be found here

Online Fee Payments

Belmont Public Schools parents may now pay most school-related fees online. This service has been established to create a centralized and more efficient collection system. Some of the benefits of this new service are:

    • A processing fee of only 25 cents when paying by electronic check
    • One location to pay most student fees
    • Secure transactions
    • Email confirmation of payments and printable payment history
    • Reduce the possibility of lost checks and cash
    • Schedule payments and make partial payments (if available) 

If you are seeking a fee waiver, payment cannot be made online. Please see Fee Waiver information HERE

Eligible Online Payments

  • Fee payments are only accepted during certain times of the year and fee availability dates are listed below.


Fee Date Available Due Date

Elementary Instrumental Music - Gr. 3

July 1 

October 15

Elementary Instrumental Music - Gr. 4

July 1

October 15

Elementary Instrumental Music - Gr. 5

July 1

October 15

Saturday Morning Music School

July 1

October 15

All -Town Chorus

July 1

October 15

BHS Fine and Performing Arts

July 1

Aug. 15/ Nov. 15

BHS Athletics - Fall Sport  

June 12

August 15

BHS Athletics - Winter Sport

October 1

November 15

BHS Athletics - Spring Sport

January 15

February 15

BHS Activities/Clubs

September 1

October 1

Chenery Club Activities/Performing Arts

September 1

October 1

Bus Transportation

June 1

Due at registration
February 1

Full Day Kindergarten Tuition

June 8

July 1
October 1
January 1
April 1


The system will accept MasterCard, Discover and American Express, or ACH transfer from your checking account (Visa has declined to participate). You will be charged a processing fee that is paid directly to your card issuer or MCC, the system operator. Currently, fees are approximately 3% for credit card transactions and $0.25 for ACH (checking account) transactions. The Belmont Public Schools does not charge a fee for this service.

All Fine and Performing Arts Information about Programs and Fees can be found 


Middle School Activities

  • $150 per participant
  • This fee covers Chenery Club Activites, Fine Arts and Athletics. Examples of Chenery Club Activites are: Cross Country, Theatre Arts, Spring Musical, School Newspaper, Student Council, Math Team, Math Club, Court Yard Club, Community Service Club, Grade 5 Theater Arts. Specific activities are determined each year.
  • It does not cover PTO-sponsored clubs, Gr. 5 Instrumental Music, All Town Chorus or Saturday Morning Music School.
  • Fee must be paid prior to participation. 

Note: This fee can be paid online beginning September 1. To pay online, click here

If you do not wish to pay online, or are seeking a fee waiver, paper forms can be found here. Questions concerning this fee should be directed to the Chenery office, (617) 993-5800.


High School Activities

  • $100 per participant 
  • This fee covers the following activities:  Student Government, Math team, Science team, Asian American Club, and others. Specific activities are determined each year.
  • Fee must be paid prior to participation.

Note: This fee can be paid online beginning September 1. To pay online, click here

If you do not wish to pay online, or are seeking a fee waiver, paper forms can be found here. Questions concerning this fee should be directed to Ms. Duggan, (617) 993-5991.


High School Athletics

  • $450 for a first sport, $300 for a second sport, $150 for a third sport
  • This fee covers varsity, junior varsity and/or freshmen level athletic activities.
  • Due August 15:  Football, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, girls swimming, cross country, cheerleading, and golf.
  • Due November 15:  Basketball, indoor track, wrestling, skiing, boys swimming and ice hockey.
  • Due February 15:  Baseball, softball, tennis, lacrosse, outdoor track.
  • Fee must be paid prior to participation.

Note: This fee can be paid online beginning June 12 (fall), October 1 (winter), January 15 (spring). To pay online, click here

If you do not wish to pay online, or are seeking a fee waiver, paper forms can be found here. Questions concerning this fee should be directed to Ms. Duggan in the Athletics Office, (617) 993-5991.


Bus Transportation

$575 per rider. Full program information can be found here
Note: This fee can be paid online beginning June 1st, 2020. To pay online, click here

Student bus fees may be paid in one of two ways:

Online through the MCC payment portal – You may access the payment portal via the Belmont Public Schools website. If you are new to the portal, you will need to create a login. You will also need your child’s Student ID number. If you do not have the ID, you may request it via email to busing@belmont.k12.ma.us. If your student is new to the school and not found in the online system, you may inquire via the same email above for assistance.

**Please note that students are assessed the bus fee in full in the amount of $575.00. If you are required to pay any other amount, you will place the fee in your cart and before paying, the system will allow you to change the dollar amount to match the fee you owe.

By check or money order – Checks should be made payable to Belmont Public Schools and either mailed or dropped in the mail slot:  

Belmont Public Schools
C/O Business Office - Busing
644 Pleasant Street
Belmont, MA 02478  

Please be sure to include the student’s name on the check to ensure proper credit to the their account. The Business Office does not accept walk-in payments nor does it accept cash. 

If you require a fee waiver, follow the instructions found here. Questions concerning the fee waiver process should be directed to the business office, use the Contact School Busing Form here.


Full Day Kindergarten

The full day kindergarten tuition fee is $3,500 per child. There is no family cap regarding the number of students per household attending the full day kindergarten program. Registration information can be found here. The Belmont Public Schools offers partial or full tuition waivers. See the Fee Waiver page for more information. Financial waivers are available and granted based on household size and income. Should parents choose to enroll in the full day kindergarten program, the tuition is a full-year fee and is not eligible for reimbursement.

Note: This fee may be paid online beginning June 8th, 2020. To pay online, click here.

Due dates: July 1st, October 1st, January 1st, April 1st.

Please note that the first quarterly payment must be received by the Business Office before students may participate in the Full Day Kindergarten Program. Please use the Contact Kindergarten Registration form with any questions or call (617) 993-5430.

* The Belmont Public Schools is not in the position to provide legal or tax advice. However, please be advised that we have been notified by School Counsel that full day kindergarten tuition is not eligible for child care/dependent care expenses and it is not eligible for any beneficial tax treatment.

Need Assistance with Your Online Payment?

If you need assistance with online payments or registration, please contact MCC Customer Service at (508) 460-6000. Billing inquiries should be directed to the Belmont Public Schools Business Office at (617) 993-5430.