About Belmont Schools Food Services

The Department of Food Service is responsible for providing nutritious meals for students that partake in the lunch offerings. We also provide breakfast at the high school level.

We strive to be ahead of federal and state guidelines concerning the wellness of our students in action as well as policy. We are challenged to serve nutritious and appealing meals on a daily basis. Soda and candy has not been part of the school lunch program for several years. We serve skim and reduced fat milk, control portion sizes, restrict sodium and high caloric foods.

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MEAL KIT DRIVE-THRU (AVAILABLE TO ALL FAMILIES): We want to emphasize this is a drive-thru service and advise families to stay in cars. We’ll load goods into trunk/backseat and they’ll be no person to person contact. Each meal kit will include multiple days of breakfast and lunch items.

SCHEDULE: Here is our meal pick up schedule that will continue through multiple learning models. We ask that you come on the day signified by the first letter of your oldest child’s last name. Please follow the schedule to prevent overloading our team so we can serve you quickly. Example: If your oldest child’s last name is Henderson; you would pick up on Tuesdays.

MONDAYS: Last name starting with A - F

TUESDAYS: Last name starting with G - K

WEDNESDAYS: Last name starting with L - P

THURSDAYS: Last name starting with Q - U

FRIDAYS: Last name starting with V - Z

TIME:7:30AM and 9:30AM

LOCATION: Belmont High School (Loading Dock), 221 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA, 02478


MEAL KIT HOME DELIVERY (AVAILABLE TO FREE AND REDUCED BENEFIT FAMILIES ONLY): All students who have had a meal kit delivered to their home have been placed on a recurring delivery and families do not need to e-mail us each week.

Only in the event you cannot make it to the scheduled meal pick-up on Wednesdays, please e-mail Dustin O’Brien (dobrien@belmont.k12.ma.us) no later than every Tuesday with the names of all students, the current address and a phone number we can reach you. Deliveries will be made on Wednesday and packages will be left on doorsteps before 3PM.

Food Service Director, Dustin O'Brien, sits down with Roger Colton, Belmont Media to discuss how meals will work during school closure. 

Franklin Tucker of the Belmontonian interviews Food Service Director, Dustin O'Brien, on why this service is important to our community.

BELMONT FOOD PANTRY: Please check the Belmont Food Pantry (located at 455 Concord Avenue) website for updates on hours.

BOSTON RESIDENTS: Please visit this website for emergency meal sites around the city and/or contact the Project Bread FoodSource Hotline at 1-800-645-8333.

MEAL KITS CAN INCLUDE: Ham, Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches, Supplies for make-at-home Ham/Cheeseburgers, Chicken Nuggets, Quesadillas, Bagels w/ Cream Cheese, Muffins, Mini Eggo Waffles, Fresh Fruit, Orange Juice, Peach Cups and Assorted Snacks/Chips

NOTIFICATION FOR FAMILIES: Look for updates on the Belmont Food Services Twitter page: @BPS_Food_4_Kids

2020-2021 Free and Reduced Online Meal Application


Power Packs

Over the last few weeks, BPS food services have implemented Power Packs at the elementary level and the response has been really positive. Power Packs are a 4-compartment, compostable container which includes an appealing breakfast or lunch for students on the go. The container’s goal is to offer a complete meal in an easy to see and consume containers. Students know exactly what they’re getting and a big thank you to our staff for this new offering to students.


Nick's Place

We are proud to partner with Nick’s Place Pizza II for the remainder of school year. Support LOCAL!

Allergens: Wheat and Dairy (Same as previous pizza vendor)

Simple Way to Pay


NEW!!! Daily Allergen Boards in Each Building

Our kitchen staff update these boards daily to ensure students/faculty are informed of potential allergens. If an item contains a particular allergen, that menu item will be labeled under the appropriate box (Soy, wheat, egg, etc.).

Daily Allergen Board


Five essential components must be offered every day: fruit, vegetables, grains, meat/meat alternatives and milk. Students must take 3 out of the 5 to make it count as a reimbursable meal, one of which has to be a fruit or vegetable. If a student arrives at the register with less than 3 items, they may opt to return to serving area for additional items until the requirements are met. Otherwise, items selected will be charged a la carte. This applies to free, reduced and full pay students. In order for free, reduced or paid meals to be eligible for reimbursement, a full meal must be taken. These guidelines are set forth by the USDA and are not adjustable by Belmont Public Schools. More information on Offer vs. Serve is available here. Belmont School's Offer vs. Serve Policy is posted to the right.

Walden Local Meat

BPS Food Services is proud to announce it’s joining forces with Walden Local Meats based in Burlington, MA. The goal is to feature LOCAL, 100% grass-fed beef and pork items monthly on our lunch menus. All products are sourced within 250 miles. Help us support LOCAL farms and look out for items on the February menus at both the Chenery Middle School and High School. This is what Farm to Table is all about. Here’s a reminder of some of our LOCAL vendors: Iggy’s Bread, Sal’s Pizza and Fantini Bakery. Learn more about Walden Local Meats here.

Available as of July 6th, 2017, Submit Your 2017-18 Free and Reduced Meal Application Online. Click here or the picture below!

Allergen Alert!

Iggy's BreadIggy's Bread

Products are produced in a plant that processes product which contain Sesame, Almonds and/or Pecans. Please communicate this with your children that on "Iggy's Bread" menu days; we have other bread options available. 

Nutritional Links for Iggy's Bread

Catering Requests

Did you know that the Belmont Food Service Department offers catered items for breakfasts, faculty luncheons, after school student events and more? Take a look at our revised order guide listed below. If interested, please find the order form below and/or contact the Food Service Director for Belmont Schools, Dustin O’Brien.

BPS Catering Order Guide

Catering Request Form

NOTE: All catering requests must be placed and confirmed at least one week in advance. This form can be sent to the food service office at BHS (Room 148A) or emailed to dobrien@belmont.k12.ma.us. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or full amount will be charged.

Our Offer vs. Serve Policy

To help reduce food waste and promote student acceptance, Belmont Public Schools will utilizes the offer vs. serve (OVS) option in all schools. This notice is to clarify the requirements of OVS, specifically related to what students must take in order to have a reimbursable meal. 

*Students are required to take a minimum of ½ cup of fruit or vegetables for a reimbursable meal at both breakfast and lunch. 

Breakfast Requirements for OVS (where applicable) 

At breakfast, schools must offer students all three required food components in at least the minimum required amounts. The components at breakfast are grains (with optional meats/meat alternates allowed), juice/fruit/vegetable and milk. Under OVS, a student must be offered at least four (4) food items and must select at least three (3) food items – one (1) item must be either a fruit or vegetable. 

Lunch Requirements for OVS 

At lunch, schools must offer students all five (5) required food components in at least the minimum required amounts. The components at lunch are: meats/meat alternates; grains; fruit; vegetables; and fluid milk. Under OVS, a student must take at least three (3) components in the required serving sizes - one (1) component must be either a fruit or vegetable.