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BPS Health and Safety Bulletin #9 May Reminders

BPS Health and Safety Bulletin #9 May Reminders

BPS Health and Safety Nurse Bulletin - May Reminders

Holiday Weekend Travel

If you are traveling out of state for longer than 24 hours, we require PCR testing of all students within 72 hours prior to your arrival back into Massachusetts or upon your return. Please be sure to quarantine until you receive your results.

In order to return to in-person learning following out of state travel, we ask that you:

1.   Fill out your school absence form located at the bottom of the Daily Symptom Checker You can do this prior to your travel so that your school nurse is aware of your travel plans.

2.   Produce PCR COVID-19 test results  - please send results directly to your school nurse. Your student cannot return to school without clearance from the nurse. 

All students/staff who travel and are not fully vaccinated are required to test, regardless of age. Parent tests are NO longer accepted. 

If you choose not to test your student, the student must remain home and quarantine for 10 days from the time they arrive in Massachusetts. This type of quarantine does not qualify for at-home tutoring.

Warm Weather Reminders 

As we approach the end of the school year and the days get warmer, we want to share some ways to help your students during their school day.

Sunscreen It is important every day, but especially now with warmer weather, that sunscreen becomes part of your morning routine. Many people don’t realize that the sun in the spring is just as strong as it is in late summer.  A sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher applied prior to school will protect your child through the school day, as well as decrease the risk of skin issues later in life. Students are spending more time outside, so please remember to apply sunscreen to your student before school each morning.

Water bottles As students become more active and spend more time outside, they need to increase the amount of fluids they drink. Our school buildings tend to get warm as summer approaches and students may require more water. Mask wearing also adds to increased thirst. We are noticing an increase in students asking for cups for water during the day. Water fountains remain off at this time, but students have full access to water filling stations. Please remember to send your student to school with a clean water bottle each day.  

Extra masks  As the days get warmer, students may require more mask changes due to masks becoming soiled from the heat. Before leaving the house each day, please be sure your student has their mask with them as well as backup masks packed in their backpack. We do not have enough supplies to provide for lost, soiled, and forgotten masks each day.

Covid Vaccine Update

BPS and Pelmeds offered a Covid vaccine clinic on May 24 for age-eligible students at the Chenery and Belmont high school. Thank you to the parent/guardian volunteers! We can’t do things like this without you.

Please remember to keep your student's vaccination card in a safe place.

A new link for registration for the second dose will be made available next week. The process will be the same except this time your student will need to bring a signed consent form AND the vaccination card with them on the day of their vaccine appointment. The next clinic is scheduled for June 14, 2021.

Here are the BPS vaccine numbers as of 5/26/21: These percentages include students who are fully vaccinated or have received at least 1 dose of the 2 dose series.

Grade 12 - 83%

Grade 11 - 79%

Grade 10 - 69%

Grade 9 -   66%

Grade 8 -   66%

Grade 7 -   66% 

Grade 6 -   66% of the students who are age-eligible

Physicals for Students entering Grades 4, 7, and 10

Updated physicals are required for all students entering grades 4, 7, and 10. Please send a copy of your child’s most current physical examination record to the Nurse’s Office prior to the start of school, September 2021. Please be sure that the physical is dated after August 2020.

As always, please reach out to your school nurse if you have any questions or concerns.

Wishing you a safe and restful long weekend.

-Your BPS Nurses

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