Life Insurance

The Town offers life insurance coverage through Boston Mutual at group rates. As a new employee you may enroll in this benefit within 30 days of your hire without taking a physical examination.


  • The Basic Plan provides a life insurance benefit of $2,000 and the Town contributes 50%. The employee’s 50% portion of the basic coverage cost is deducted from your pay check on a monthly basis.
  • You may take additional insurance, up to the amount of your salary minus $1,000. You must enroll in the $2,000 basic coverage plan to be eligible to take additional insurance. The cost per thousand for additional insurance varies depending upon your age.


If you choose to not to participate in the Life insurance plan within 30 days of your hire, you may join at the next open enrollment period. Open enrollment takes place every two to three years. You may be required to take a physical examination.


Enrollment forms are available from the Town Human Resources Office (617-993-2740). More information on rates and coverage can be found at the Town HR Benefits webpage.