HR Employee Info Page

Welcome to the Employee Information Page! In the sections below you will find information on the following topics:

  • Frontline Education Login Accounts and the Absence Management System
  • HR “How To’s” – changing your address, changing your name, updating license info, and more

If you would like to see any additional topic areas added to this page, please contact Human Resources – we welcome your suggestions!


BPS New Employee Onboarding

New hires should review and complete all items on this New Hire Checklist - please contact Human Resources with any questions.

The second page of the checklist provides a helpful overview of pay scales, benefit days and absence procedures.


BPS Employee IT and Email Accounts

All BPS employees should apply for information technology accounts which will be set up by the Technology Department in the high school. These accounts will include email which employees are responsible for checking daily.

For application instructions and information on how to access your email accounts, please click here:

BPS Employee IT and Email Accounts


Frontline Education Login Accounts and the Absence Management System

All BPS employees are required to enter any days away from work into the Absence Management System, an internet-based data system operated by a national vendor, Frontline Education. Please click on the links below for information on how to use the system to enter absences and request substitutes:

If you have any questions or would like to arrange in-person training on the Frontline Education systems, please contact Rebecca Leeb at 617-993-5420 or


Sharing Teacher Google Files with Substitutes

Teachers may wish to share certain computer files with daily substitutes, e.g., to allow the substitute to show the files on the classroom Smart Board. Teachers' files are stored on their own password-protected Google Drives. Teachers should never share their own usernames and passwords with substitutes, as this would give them access to all confidential information stored in the teacher's virtual drive. Substitutes should only access the BPS system via the school's guest username and password (available from the school's administrative assistant).

Teachers may choose to share items with substitutes via Google Drive. Substitutes can sign into Google Drive using the school's guest Google account, which is the same as the guest user ID but with "" added at the end. The password is the same as the school's guest account password. This guest Google account will allow substiutes to open files (e.g., docs, sheets, slides) shared within Belmont Schools, but the substitute will NOT be able to access information in a teacher's Google Classroom environment.

If a teacher wishes to share an item via Google in advance of the absence date (i.e., before the substitute signs into the school's guest account), the Share settings on the item must be set to "Anyone with the link".

Please note that daily substitutes will not have access to email accounts. Staff members should communicate with substitutes at the substitute's personal email address. Substitute phone and email contact information may be obtained from the school administrative assistant.


HR “How To’s”

Please click on our How To Page for answers to these frequently-asked HR questions:

  • How To Change Your Mailing Address
  • How To Change Your Name
  • How To Update Your Teaching License Information in Rediker

If you have any questions or suggestions for additional How To’s, please contact Consuelo Abrisqueta at 617-993-5402 or


Payroll Information

Belmont Public Schools staff payroll is processed by the BPS Business Office, in conjunction with the Town of Belmont who oversee the MUNIS payroll system entries.

Pay rates, frequency, and other details vary by employment group. This BPS Payroll FAQs document provides answers to many common pay-related questions.

For further information on a payroll-related matter, please contact BPS Payroll Manager Iwona Gosz, at 617-993-5433 or