How to Activate your ParentPlus Portal Account

The Portal is how we communicate private information to you.  You will visit the Portal to find your student’s report card, progress reports, their username login and password, lunch pin & other confidential information that can’t be emailed securely.  You can also find other helpful information at the Portal, like your student’s schedule.

To activate your Portal account, you will need to find an email from that was sent to your primary email address (the one you gave us when you registered your child for school).  The subject line is, Your [School Name] PlusPortal Account Activation.  To get the email again, email and include your student's full name and the school they attend.

Below you will find a sample email.  The links will not work for you; you need to find the email that was sent to you individually for the correct links:


To activate your PlusPortals account (ParentPlus, StudentPlus, or TeacherPlus), click the link below or copy and paste it into your browser.

[ Account/ Activate…]

Clicking on this link will lead you to where you can set your password. After setting your password, you will be able to login to PlusPortals. To access your account in the future, bookmark the following URL in your browser and login using the provided username and your new password.

URL: [http:/ [School Name] 

Username: [your primary email address]

To Use Portal After Activating:

Log into PlusPortals with your email address at the correct link for your school. 

School Portal

Belmont High School:

PlusPortals Belmont High School 

Belmont Middle School: PlusPortal Belmont Middle School

Chenery School:

PlusPortals Chenery School

Burbank School:

PlusPortals Burbank

Butler School:

PlusPortals Butler 

Wellington School:

PlusPortals Wellington

Winn Brook School:

PlusPortals Winnbrook

  1. The student’s computer account information (computer login, school email & password) is located on PlusPortals under School > Demographics.  This login and password is to get into a school computer or Google Drive.
  2. Your student will get their own PlusPortal account.  An invitation with instructions will be sent to their school email (
  3. To request a school device (iPads for grades K-2 and Chromebooks for grades 3-12), parent or student needs to email and include the student's full name, grade, and school.  More information on account and devices: Setting up your device & account

If you have questions, contact Eileen Buys (  Please include your student's full name and the school they attend.

Student Report Card

Report cards are found on Portal.  To read report cards, it is much easier to use a computer.  

If you use a phone, try these instructions.

1. Choose your child’s school if necessary   

 Login as


2. Click on the top menu button

Top menu button


3. Click on “E-Locker”  



4. Select “E-Portfolio” 



5. Look for the report card, then scroll over to the right

Report card


6. Click on the blue arrow at right, next to the student’s report card to download report card

.Download report card