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Professional Development for BPS Staff

We are pleased to present the Belmont Public school Professional Development web page.  Providing high quality professional opportunities is critical to supporting your growth and professional development.  The BPS PD program is supported through three primary means: 

  • Professional Development meetings - (faculty, department and curriculum meetings) led by Principals, Directors and Curriculum Specialists focusing on district, school and program goals; 
  • Professional Learning Teams - educators working together on a targeted area of need to improve learning for all students; and 
  • Professional Development courses, seminars, workshops, and study groups - led by BPS educators, outside experts, and partner organizations. 

As you plan your professional development for the year, it is our hope that these workshops and opportunities will support your Professional Practice and Student Learning Goals as well as your ongoing learning and growth.

Professional Development Opportunities

Studying Skillful Teaching (SST) Summer/Fall 2021:

For Pre K – 12 educators looking to build capacity to improve daily practices and your student’s achievement.  Studying Skillful Teaching is designed to improve your students’ achievement through lesson planning, high expectations, and formative assessment. The course is taught by Janice Burres, an educator with experience as a classroom teacher and corporate trainer who excels at helping teachers work collaboratively.

Studying Skillful Teaching is a 36 hour in-person course that will run for 4 consecutive days in the Belmont School District in August and 4 Thursday afternoons in the fall:

  • August 23, 24, 25, 26, 2021 — 8:00 am-3:30 pm
  • September 23, October 7, October 21, November 18 — 3:30 pm-6:30 pm

Click here to enroll in the upcoming Studying Skillful Teachers

Enrollment in SST is sponsored and paid for by The Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE).  Many thanks you to the FBE for their generous support!

Professional Learning Teams In the Belmont Public Schools, Professional Learning Teams are the vehicle for collaborative learning, inquiry and action research through which self-selected teams of educators.

Study Groups 

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