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Professional Development for BPS Staff

Providing high quality professional opportunities is critical to supporting your growth and professional development.  The BPS PD program is supported through three primary means: 

  • Professional Development meetings - (faculty, department and curriculum meetings) led by Principals, Directors and Curriculum Specialists focusing on district, school and program goals; 
  • Professional Learning Teams - educators working together on a targeted area of need to improve learning for all students; and 
  • Professional Development courses, seminars, workshops, and study groups - led by BPS educators, outside experts, and partner organizations. 

As you plan your professional development for the year, it is our hope that these workshops and opportunities will support your Professional Practice and Student Learning Goals as well as your ongoing learning and growth.

Professional Development Opportunities

Fall 2022 Virtual IDEAS courses

The IDEAS program offers courses that help communities develop anti-racist practices that collectively work to dismantle systems of discrimination and oppression.  To register for an upcoming course, contact Maura Logan

Click Here for the Available Fall 2022 Virtual IDEAS courses

Upcoming IDEAS Webinar:

IDEAS – Why & How to Talk about Race and Racism
October 11, 2022 10a.m. - 12p.m.

Amidst the many identities that make up the individuals in our school communities, race is often the most challenging for educators to navigate, especially since students, staff, and families all bring their own personal experiences and different understandings of how the social construct operates to our schools.  In this webinar, we will discuss why it is so important to develop skills in promoting racial discourse, as well as key considerations as we simultaneously build our own capacity and those we lead.


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