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Medication Administration

If medications are to be given in school, the following guidelines need to be followed:

  1. Prescribed medications must be in the pharmacy bottle and labeled with the licensed prescriber’s name, date, name of the medication, and instructions for administration. Over the counter medications must be in the original manufacturer labeled container.
  2. A Medication Order Form, completed by your child’s licensed prescriber and a Parent/Guardian Authorization for Medication Administration form, completed by your child’s parent or guardian, must be submitted to the school nurse for all prescribed and over the counter medications administered during the school day.
    Medication Parent Permission Form (PDF document)
    Medication Order Form to be completed by a licensed prescriber (PDF document)
  3. For Tylenol or Ibuprofen administration in school, only the Parent/Guardian Authorization form is required.
  4. For short term medications, such as antibiotics, the prescription bottle is acceptable for a licensed prescriber’s order and the Parent/Guardian Authorization form, or a written statement by the parent is also required.
  5. All medicines are to be kept in the health clinic.
  6. When a licensed prescriber deems it is necessary for a student to have immediate access to medication (inhaler, Epi Pen, insulin), the parent will provide documentation from the medical provider stipulating such necessity and confirmation that the student has been advised of cautions and proper use of the medication in the school.

If the above guidelines are not followed, the school will be unable to dispense the medication. Should further clarification of the medication policy be necessary, please contact your school nurse.

BPS Medication Policy (PDF document)

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