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Meet Your School Nurse

Director of Nursing Services:

Beth Rumley, RN BSN (617) 993-5806


Nursing Staff:

Belmont High School:

Patsy MacKinnonPatsy MacKinnon, RN, BSN, MSN (617) 993-5929

Corinne JackmanCorinne Jackman BSN, RN (617) 993-5929


Chenery Middle School:

Stephanie Chan Stephanie Chan, RN, BSN (617) 993-5807

Carol Kean, RN, BSN (617) 993-5806

Beth RumleyBeth Rumley, RN BSN (617) 993-5806


Burbank Elementary School:

Heather BlakeHeather Blake, RN, BSN, M.Ed. (617) 993-5506


Butler Elementary School:

Lisa HarteveldtLisa Harteveldt, RN, BSN (617) 993-5556


Wellington Elementary School:

Theresa GrimmTeresa Grimm, RN, BSN, NCSN (617) 993-5606


Winn Brook Elementary School:

Jeanine ShaughnessyJeanine Shaughnessy, APRN, MSN (617) 993-5706

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